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Tifli is an app developed by Dubai Health Authority to provide expectant parents in general, and pregnant mothers in particular, with fully-personalized, evidence-based content to help them navigate through pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood.
Starting with a weekly tracker to a person-alized content, Tifli guides you through the very exciting journey of pregnancy and of-fers you a variety of tools to help you pre-pare for a healthy delivery.
Tifli combines a visually rich layout with content specific to the different stages and needs of your pregnancy in one place, al-lowing you to follow and monitor your ba-by’s development in a customized weekly update. But that’s only a small part of what Tifli is truly designed to offer. As a Dubai resident and user, Tifli provides you with full access to the different DHA hospitals and doctors, allowing them to schedule, reschedule and cancel appointments with the simple click of a button and remind the users through notifications. The app also includes maps and clear directions to the different DHA hospitals and clinics.

Tifli also comes equipped with an emer-gency button where users can feed emer-gency contact numbers and even preset messages that they can easily and quickly SMS in case of an emergency. In addition, Tifli gives users the option of calling an ambulance if the need arises.

Tifli brings the full extent of DHA’s exper-tise and state-of-the-art healthcare facilities closer to expecting parents, thus adding a truly trustworthy and personal touch to pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood with-in the immediacy of the digital age.

Key features:
Personalized weekly tracker so you can view your baby’s development and meas-urements
Appointment and key test reminders so you never miss an important date
Monthly information about your baby’s growth within the first 2 years
Customized content including healthy pregnancy tips
Beautiful pregnancy and toddler timeline so you can view your pregnancy in one swift scroll
Emergency contact button on your screen at all times (just in case you might need it)