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National Scholars Portal Smart Application - Ministry Of Higher Education & Scientific Research United Arab Emirates

In response to the interest of United Arab Emirates Government to activate the electronic services in government sectors, and to trends of e-government to strengthen the speed and ease of services offered to different groups, and in line with the e-government policy in order to develop the services offered to students wishing scholarships abroad, making information more accessible and faster, therefor National Scholars Portal and Smart Application has been created for students applying for scholarships and to follow-up and access to scholarship student file details, and introduce students to the laws and regulations in force in the ministry on scholarships.

These integrated solutions establish a great opportunity to move from the need of paperwork, to rely on the database and smart application, enabling faster student data and access, leading to a rapid evaluation of the school situation for students, and make the appropriate decisions about them, along with better service offering to scholars abroad by requesting services via smart application and portal

The system will provide a mechanism to scholarships of Emiratis citizen utilizing smartphone or portal, from the stage of applying the scholarship application and follow-up the submitted application to signing the scholarship contract and provides services beyond the scholarship such as academic, financial and informative services from anywhere in the world in an easy way, smooth and without the use of transactions paper and electronic form.

• Application submission speed, efficiency and effectiveness
• Ease of use
• Full scholarship student services electronically
• Paper transactions Dispense
• Follow up on demand without the need to refer to the ministry
• 24/7 Service
• Facilitate follow up the state of applications submitted
• Provided by several international platforms Android, iOS and website.

• Financial and Academic Services
• Transfer request from one university to another
• Adding companions request
• Transfer request from one country to another
• Receiving graduation allocations request
• Change of specialty request
• Compensation for fees paid by the student request
• To whom it may concern for continuing students request.
• Travel Ticket for treatment request
• To Whom It May Concern for cancelled student’s request.
• Special equipment for students with special needs request
• To whom it may concern for graduating students request.
• Compensation for the cost of shipping request
• Scholarship freezing request
• Compensation for the cost of treatment request
• Scholarship cancelation request
• Compensation for Travel tickets request
• Participate in a seminar or a conference request
• Purchase travel ticket for scholarship students request
• Scholarship Reactivation request.
• Financial guarantee issuance request
• Approval for extension of scholarship request.
• Graduation projects and thesis allowances request
• Approval for a scientific trip request.
• Books and clothing allowance allocation request
• Adding course from another university request.
• Tuition payment request
• Dropping course or semester request.
• Request the issuance of health insurance
• for Scholarship Students and their companions
• Study a course in an unconventional way request.
• Request a scholarship out of UAE
• Reception at the airport and hotel booking form
• Request a scholarship within the UAE
• Scientific device request
• Providing statistical reports
• Provide academic reports
• Follow-up on academic performance of Scholarship Students
• Alerts Service

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