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A national initiative launched by the Khalifa Student Empowerment Program ‘Aqdar’ aimed at allowing for more constructive and effective communication with the various components of Emirati society and at providing society with the ideal opportunity to express their love and loyalty for the country and its leadership.

The idea for the initiative comes at the UAE prepares to celebrate the 45th National Day. In preparation for this occasion, 44 expressions have been prepared, each expressing love for the Emirates in a different way. The role of participants in the ‘Express your Love for UAE’ initiative, is to create their own expressions, which include the number 45.

The initiative especially targets those working in government and private institutions, members of the public at popular places such as malls, students at public schools and universities, as well as tourists.

In light of the fact that the target audience is so large and diverse, there must be effective use of communication tools when interacting with them. The ‘Express your Love for UAE’ smart application was developed for this purpose, and is considered an effective means of allowing the public to communicate with the initiative’s organizers and share their unique expressions of both, love for the UAE, and loyalty to its leadership.

To learn more about the initiative, users should download the application and fill in the required fields after opening the app. They will gain access to its contents and find out more about the initiative’s 44 expressions, and how the Emirates have expressed their love for the world by assuming a pioneering role when it comes to humanitarian work. The app also allows users to follow the latest developments with regards to the initiative’s activities and events, all of which are scheduled to be held until December 2016, when the closing awards ceremony will be held. Finally, the app makes it possible to communicate with those in charge of the initiative, over the phone or by email, to have all their questions answered and their suggestions considered.

Join us and be part of our ‘Express your Love for UAE’ initiative.

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