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The App lets you make a reservation for our services and allows you to watch a few videos from JPS Aerial Video and from JPS Legal Video. You also have a link to both websites.

1. Aerial Progress Videoclips: Editing after each shooting dates to mix with the previous ones. Can be over 5 years long Projects.

2. Aerial Videos/Photographs: Single day video shooting with free photographs included.

3. Construction Documentary:
. Aerial footage,
. Interviews of the Owner, Architects, Designers, the Contractors, etc.
. Ground footage (“normal” videocamera), etc.

4. Promotion:
. Posted on our Website. We give you the Links to all your websites.
. CDROM with HD quality movie one week after each series of flights and two weeks after the
final video-recording.
. We can develop an App to watch all the videos. You have total control: you can market it to guests, clients, your websites, the Owner's websites, etc.

5. Videos and Apps can be used at the “Opening Ceremony” or “Inauguration” at the end of the Project:
- Projection in front of the guests,
- Then Documentary and/or Main Aerial Videoclip playing in loop on two side screens.