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UPDATE: Version 2.0 supports Android Wear watches!

The simplest android-based way to calculate your score on the Air Force PT Test. Based upon official Air Force guidance from AFI 36-2905, the Air Force PT Test Calculator provides Minimum and Maximum performance criteria (your max and min), and accurately calculates your PT Test score for any situation. All PT Test exemptions are included. PT Test altitude adjustments are fully supported. Results for the 2-km walk test can be easily calculated as well.

Enter data using intuitive "wheels" rather than multiple pop-up dialogs. The Android Wear module will load automatically to your watch and offers a fully functional, standalone method to calculate your score. Now you can test without taking your phone, and still have full functionality right on your wrist. We have worked hard to deliver a product that is simple, reliable, and accurate. We believe it is the best available solution to calculate your Air Force PT Test score.

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