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These lines do not change, and so, they do not mislead like a person's facial expressions.
So, if an individual is willing to have their palm read, it can reveal a lot about them.
Palmistry app introduces readers to the life line, head line, heart line, fate line, marriage line, and health line.
Palmistry is the art of characterization and foretelling the future through the study of the palm, also known as palm reading or chirology.
Download this application and learn to read palm in the most simplest way in HIndi. Palm reading is very easy and can be done by all.
Hast Rekha in Hindi is Very good application to learn and understand past/present and future. Really high quality literature on Hastrekha.
Some of them are amla yog, indra yog, budh yog, sati yog etc. Furthermore, Palmistry explains the meanings of lines found on the forehead, and contains special features for women.
Palmistry lines predict our future related to Life line.
Palmistry lines predict our future related to Fate line.
Palmistry lines predict our future related to Heart line.
Palmistry lines predict our future related to Brain line.

Some Features of This App
* Offline App so does not require internet connection.
* Share Hast Rekha Tips with all social media apps
* 100% free application
* Beautiful user friendly interface
* Copy to clipboard feature to set status where you want to update (paste).

No special permission required to run this app.

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