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This app was written to help with triangulation when doing wildlife tracking but you might find other uses for it and if you do please contact the author

When radio tracking wildlife the radio transmitter is put on the creature and then the trackers use radio receivers to try and locate the creature.
The radio receivers are directional so it is known which direction the creature is in but in order to locate the creature the intersection of different readings are needed.
This can be done with pen and paper and a map and compass and probably a lot of phone calls if more than one person is involved.

This app trys to simplify that process.

The user points the phone in the direction that the radio receiver is pointing. When you think you have a good reading press the save button and your location and the direction you are pointing is saved.
Then move to a new location and location the creature with the radio receiver again and save the point again. The lines should intersect were the creature is located, if it hasn't moved.

Multiple users can share their locations and directions. The users agree on a group name and pin number and then the information from each user is shared every 30 seconds.

The compass on the device needs to be calibrated i.e. so that north means north on the map. The app helps with that.