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In this African Braids App, We have latest and Trending Braids Hairstyles for Black Women.

The crochet braid is always around. Yet, thanks to creative stylist because this choice is re-invented on totally new ways. Those who want to look different with usual hairdo, you can try braid hairstyle for African women in protective and fun touch. However, you have to make sure that the choice that will be achieved on you will be suitable with the types or your hairs and face shapes. You don’t have to worry since there are lots of selections which can fit in you beautifully.

There are crazy curls as first option which is really easy to transform and maintain. To achieve this braided hairstyle, you have to plait the cane rows going from forehead back. Sew end of hairs to the head. Use the crochet needle for installing the curly weave. Apply the light finishing sprays to hold. This will match suitably to the oval face shape and medium to the long length hairs. It is simple braid hairstyle for black women which can be done only in few minutes about three minutes.

For african braids styles women they were blessed with textured hair that is strong from one end to another braided black hairstyles easy braided hairstyles.

For most women it’s almost impossible to hold a braid tight to the head but African hair can do that and more! Depending on the hairstyle you are looking for and the shape of your face there are many looks that you can achieve. Check out many of the easy braided hairstyles for black women below and choose your own signature style latest african braided black hairstyles.

Cornrows are much the same with country plaits. It is laid flat on your scalp and follows the shape of your head. The only difference is the process of braiding. Style the bangs as what you desire 1 ½ inch of gold barrels curling irons. Use the finishing sprays for the light holds. For executing this looking, you could use the Eco Style brand of gels, sprits, or the others type of sheen. It could suits perfectly for the whole face shapes since this elongates the faces for making it looks slender. It is natural hairstyles for black women.

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