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If you are looking for a simple and beatutiful
shopping list app then you have probably
found the right one.

Shopping List is an elegant, holo inspired,
shopping list app for Android with only the
most essential features available.

This is a very lightweight and super fast
shopping list app which will simplify
your shopping life.

- Create multiple shopping lists.
- Apply filters.
- Sort by name, price or custom drag and drop.
- Enter price when you add a product and estimate cost of you shopping list will be calculated.
- Fiter and sort order will be remembered for each shopping list individually.
- History with auto complete. what you previously added will be remembered so it will be easier to add it next time. Optional.
- Beautiful Widget which also works on lockscreen.
- Share shopping list by email, sms etc.
- Possible to add a note to your shopping list which will be shown at the top.
- Backup and restore shopping lists.

TIP 1:
You can change currency in preferences to your own local currency.

TIP 2:
If you are upgrading from the free to the Pro version and want to keep your old shopping lists, then you can use the backup feature and create a backup of you shopping list in the free version and restore your backup in the Pro version of the app.

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