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The system has some features for the protection of personal data contained in the notes.
Nevertheless, the author (play store username: carmelo.lagamba) is not responsible for any theft of passwords and personal information from third parties.


Notes is a easy and intuitive application for managing daily notes and notes on Android smartphones.

With Notes you can:
1. Manage your notes without limit.
2. Keep in mind what's missing in your home and make a shopping list in a fast and intuitive.
3. Password-protect your notes.
4. Share a note by email
5. Change the background color of the text editor
6. Change the font used
7. Change text size
8. Overwrite a note already saved, or deleted.
9. Delete single or multiple notes so already saved.
10. If writing is bothering you, do it for you notes with Voice Recognition technology.

1. Memory used is a lightweight application, one of the lightest in terms of space for its category.
2. The ease of use, the user thanks to a simple and intuitive design will be able to manage your notes quickly.
3. The customization of notes
4. Information security through password protection.

1. The preview images are related to Android 4.0 and Higher, the application for the lower versions will adjust the graphics depending on system installed on the device

2. Check for updates, because they are developing additional features, which will be published in the future.
Your feedback for anything (functionality, errors ..) are welcome.

3. To recover your password is important to use a google account, otherwise there is no guarantee proper operation.

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