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The Agentto App transforms your Android device into an alarm system connected to your family members and close friends.

You can quickly inform your dearest ones that something is going wrong with you as well as get informed of anything that happens to them.

The social network for personal and public safety also supports for free communities and public services such as neighbor associations, condominiums, NGOs, police departments and others.

An unique arrangement so as to build a social pact in the digital world for boosting safety in the real one.


Create your trusted network with up to 12 very special people on the website. With these people, you can share your location and, through GEOLOCATED CHAT, avoid those short calls of “where are you?” or “are you there yet?”.


NORMAL MODE: whenever you want to share your location.

PRIVATE MODE: so you are not found, when you wish for total privacy.

ALERT MODE: to increase your location updates in situations that might present risks to your safety.

PANIC MODE: to quickly ask for help.


Whenever Agentto detects you have set a mode that decreases your safety, it will ask for the secret image you have chosen.


PANIC TEST: Learn how to ask for help using Agentto.

SILENT PANIC: To ask for help when you do not have time to say what is going on.

HELP: To ask for help when you have time to say what is going on.

PERSONS PANEL: Know where people you share your location are.

GEOLOCATED CHAT: Send geolocated text messages in real time.

NOTIFICATIONS: Use the communication channel between yourself, Agentto and your trusted network.

******We count on your feedback so we can make an app that offers you much more safety and convenience******

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