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Ohm's law is a fundamental law of Electrical and Electronic Engineering which relates the quantities of Voltage, Current, and Resistance together. It also follows that for any given combination of these there is an associated Power dissipation.

This small App allows the user to easily do Ohm's law calculations to calculate Voltage, Current and Resistance. It also (optionally) calculates the associated Power dissipation value.

The user enters any two known values (V, I, R or P) and clicks the CALCULATE button to work out the missing values.
The user selects the proper units for the values entered and the calculator presents the proper units for the results.

For clarity values entered by the user are shown in Yellow and calculated results are shown in Green.

Any of the many uses of Ohms Law will benefit from this easy but powerful calculator.

E.g. Anyone designing electronic circuits must ensure that the power dissipated in the components is within the rating for that component, otherwise early component failure will be the result. This app helps the designer identify whether any resistors used will be overheated and helps the designer to work out a solution if they are.

E.g. Work out the current draw for your electric heater by entering its power rating and voltage.

Etc, Etc.