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Not all calories are created equal. Different foods go through different metabolic pathways in the body. They can have vastly different effects on hunger, hormones and how many calories we burn. Here are the 100 most weight loss friendly foods on earth, that are supported by science.

We have combined together 100 weight loss foods in this app that can be added to your weight loss meal plans. We understand that everyone has different needs and different likes/dislikes so we have only added the foods with their advantages/effects in this app. You need to decide what you wanna eat and make your own meal plans. For best results, download our Weight Loss Tips app (see more apps by this developer section below) because food and physical activity go side by side when it comes to losing weight FAST!! Also, since there are a lot of healthy foods, we could not pack them all in one app so there is a version 1 of the same app which can too be found in more apps by this developer section.

This is a complete weight loss foods guide which can help both men and women equally. Using this app, you can make your own weight loss diets and weight loss plans accordingly to your ease and needs. You should stick with weight loss foods and avoid weight loss pills at all cost. This app is perfectly for YOU if you are looking for any of these things:

- how to lose weight fast
- weight loss tips
- weight loss for men
- weight loss for women
- how to lose weight quickly
- weight loss after pregnancy
- weight loss guide
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- best tips for losing weight


• Can be used without an internet connection
• Simple and easy to use user interface
• Zoom in/zoom out option
• Social media sharing option
• Small in size, can be downloaded on a small data plan
• Best and tested Weight Loss Foods

Disclaimer: We do NOT guarantee any result.