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The ULTIMATE Phone Tracker for your family!
Two-way communication (ping/notify), repeat with time interval replies, SOS, command line parameters, text-to-speech, much more...

* This application doesn't have to be installed on the phone you track only needs to be installed and configured on the phone you want to track.
* The phone you track from can be any phone, IOS (IPhone), Android, Windows, flip phone (not a smart phone).

Find where your kid, spouse, older parents are...sports event, party, broken car, car accident...just ping their phone with a text message with a registered keyword, and the phone will auto-reply a pre-formatted message with map location, location accuracy, speed, battery on the map location and you can quickly get directions how to get there...

Worried about your kid who just started walking to school? Set up a repeat notification on their phone and all they have to do is hit NOTIFY when they leave home...the phone will report you with the pre-formatted text/sms message (every x minutes/max y notifications).

On the phone you want to track, simply register the phone numbers allowed to receive the phone's location, set a pass phrase, and you are done! From the registered phones, one can send a text/sms message containing the pass phrase and an automatic text/sms reply will be sent with the most precise GPS coordinates the tracked phone can determine. The reply may contain a Google maps link that will allow to quickly get the directions to that location. If the tracked phone also has an Internet connection, the actual address can be resolved and sent back.

You can also set a secret pass phrase just in case you lost your phone...that works from any phone, not only the registered ones. Yes, of course, you should keep that secret to yourself, and update it after you used it once!

In case the phone you ping for its location cannot get a fix of the gps coordinates (phone can be somewhere indoors), the application will try to determine the location using wifi. If that fails, as well, the most recent location stored by the phone will be sent, along with the accuracy and time when it was collected.