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Battery Saver is a powerful application in order to know about your battery charge levels. This works for both Android Smartphone & Tablet.

This app displays the battery charge level.
It shows battery status in the status bar, repeatedly alerts you when battery charge level is getting low and also notifies when battery is fully charged.
This provides customizable settings, which allows you to set low battery level, vibration mode, alert ringtone, low battery alert repeat interval and so on.
This app also provides Battery Info and Battery usage.
Battery information like battery level, battery temp, battery Status, battery Scale, battery Health, battery Voltage, Power plug, battery technology and Time since Boot.

Menu Alerts: is used to mute all your alerts like low battery alert, repeat interval alert, sound mode alert and full charged alert. Here the user can set time interval, to mute all alerts till that time.

Settings: includes
Battery Service Option: By using this option, user can stop and run this battery app and user who wants to set this service has to run it automatically or manually when your system boots.
When battery app service is in stop mode, it doesn’t show any alerts and notifications.
Low Battery Charge: In this you will find 5 options,
1. Low Battery Level: Here you can set the battery level, at what level it has to show alerts.
2. Repeat Interval: Here the user can set low battery charge level alert for every mentioned time interval.
3. Vibration Mode: Here the user can set the vibration mode, in normal mode / silent mode/ always/ never.
4. Sound Mode: Here the user can set the sound mode in normal mode / never.
5. Ringtone: In this mode he can set the Ringtone for alert.

Full Battery Charge: Here the user can set, whether the user wants alert or not. If the user wants alert, he has to set vibration, sound and ringtone.
Miscellaneous: Here the user have a option to enable and disable the Showing Notifications icon in status bar when service is running and Showing remaining level icon, on Notification icon in status bar.

Power Saver:
In Power saver, you have an option to set at what battery level, you wants to disable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Auto sync and Background Data.
When battery is Low, automatically it will disable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Auto sync and Background Data.

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