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Agronote is one of the most simple agriculture apps for cash flow report. It allows farmers to create expenses and income record, livestock and machinery procedures and access this information with ease.

What are the benefits of using farm record?

1. Gather your agriculture production costs and get analytical report for every agriculture operation

2.Identifies your sources of income

3.Tests your farming plans, such as if you will produce enough income to meet all your cash needs

4.Forces you to think through your next year farming business plans

5.Gives ability to access your farming cash flow record in matter of seconds without the internet use

6.Keeps your very own personal cash flow record on your mobile device

7.Keeps sustainable agriculture by optimizing your chemicals and expendables usage

8. Seeing the big picture of every farm task everywhere and every time, preventing problems and saving money and maintain sustainable agriculture

Why should I use an agronote farm record?

Good record keeping will help you monitor the expenses of your farms, prepare your financial decisions, identify sources of income, keep track of agriculture expenses and keep track of your basis in property

With agronote farm record app you can easily store farms, create farm record, save your daily farm operations, add financial records and create your personal farm manager on your mobile device. Your farm plan will be executed smoothly!

How i can use agronote - farm record on my business?

1. As dairy farm record

2. As livestock manager

3. As expensess report

4. As labour expenses report

5. As agricultural expenses and reveune report

6. As cash flow manager

7. As Irrigation Record Keeping

What kind of farm records i can create?

Agricultural inputs like fuel, expendables, chemicals, livestock, horticulture, electricity, irrigation, machinery, income, labor and many more

How i can start using agronote?

1.Create or select your farm, livestock or machinery

2.Select "Operations" from the menu to create and save your daily operations.

3.Select your farm and press new. Add date, select the operation that you just created, select operation category and press save. Congratulations you just have created your first record!

What are the supported languages?

English, Greek, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian and Filipino
We truly think we have the most versatile farm manager in the business. The agriculture management and farm management will be an easy job using agronote agriculture app.

Get agronote free now and take your agriculture, ranch and farm business to another level!

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