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Cash Flow Agriculture Manager is the ideal farm manager app for cash flow online analysis and control. Our farm manager features enable easy, stress-free cash flow overview so you can manage your agriculture business and do proper sales management in a feature-rich app. Agriculture manager allows you to store farms, save your daily farm descriptions and manage your cash flow on your mobile device.

Why should I use an agriculture manager app?

We are passionate about our ranch & farm manager app and we guarantee the best set of features. With agriculture manager you can easily store farms, save your daily farm descriptions, add financial records and create your personal cash flow budget on your mobile device. Your agriculture business plan will be executed smoothly!

What are the benefits of using farming cash flow budget?

1.Determines your crop production costs

2.Identifies your sources of income

3.Tests your farming plans, such as if you will produce enough income to meet all your cash needs

4.Forces you to think through your next year farming business plans

5.Gives ability to access your cash flow budget record in matter of seconds without the internet use

6.Keeps your very own personal cash flow budget on your mobile device

7.Keeps sustainable agriculture by optimizing your chemicals and expendables usage

What kind of records i can create?
Agriculture inputs like fuel, expendables, chemicals, livestock, horticulture, electricity, irrigation, machinery, income, labor, and many more!

How i can start using agriculture manager?

1.Create or select your farm, livestock or machinery

2.Select "Descriptions" from the menu to create and store your daily descriptions.

3.Select your farm and press new. Add date, select the descriptions that you just created, select input/output and press save. Congratulations you just have created your first record!

What are the supported languages?
English, Greek, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Indonesian
We truly think we have the most versatile and most comprehensive cash flow in the business. The agriculture management and farm management will be an easy job using Cash Flow Agriculture Manager.

Get it free now and take your agriculture, ranch and farm business to another level!