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AGRI PRECISION is an application to be used in the practice of Precision Agriculture.

It performs the functions of a portable GPS, guiding users point to point so that the samples are collected in the field.

Also can be used to calculate the glebe's area, sampling grid generation, and exportation of border and sampling grid points to softwares for PC platforms that apply Precision Agriculture techniques for generating sampled and recommended maps.

The main features are:

> Registration of glebes and projects
> Generation of glebe's border
> Calculation of glebe's area
> Generation of sampling grid
> Edit the size, numbering direction, and location of individual sampling grid points
> Point to Point navigation for sampling
> Creation of data table and insertion of sampling result values
> Export the border, sampling grid points and data table values to files

The AGRI PRECISION eliminates the need for a portable GPS, usually required in Precision Agriculture practice, making this activity more accessible, practical and cheaper.

Suitable for any practitioner of Precision Agriculture, most of professionals, technical assistants, large and small farmers, even for students who want to understand, learn and practice this activity.

Download the AGRI PRECISION now and enjoy this amazing application!


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