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E-F-Layer frequency and height

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This App will show the behavior of the E and F reflection layer on world wide short wave propagation between 1MHz and 30MHz. The World-map is computed and displayed at a resolution of 1 degree for the selected map type, month and solar activity.
To compute the 24 maps of the day a Galaxy SII will need about 5 seconds, Touch the black area after the message vanishes to see the map. At each touch in the right area the day time (UTC) is increased, in the left screen area UTC is decreased. Longitude, Latitude and the computed value at this location is displayed also.
Gray-line (dawn zone) and the position of the sun is adjusted for each hour.

The map type are:
f0F2 maximum vertical F-Layer frequency (MHz)
Height of Gyro at HmaxF2 Shimazakis formula (Km)
Height of F-Layer bottom HoF2 (Km)
f0E maximum vertical E-Layer frequency (MHz)
upper deciles of sporadic E frequency (MHz)
Median of sporadic E frequency (MHz)
lower deciles of sporadic E frequency (MHz)

for all months and sun spot number 10, 30, 50, 90, 120 and 150

This map sets are intermediate results from the development of a HF prediction App coming soon, stay tuned.

The first version of the HF prediction app is here now:
MyHF_Map will compute MUF, FOT and HPF coverage maps for the entered location and sun spot number in minutes !
It's available now, more features will follow.

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