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The ‘ulama and muhaddithin
conferred a great favour upon us by producing
various compilations of supplications, choosing
from the hundreds that are to be found in the
treasure of ahadith. One such compilation is Al-
Hizb Al-A‘zam(????? ??????), compiled by Mulla ‘Ali Al-Qari It
is divided into seven parts, one for each day of the
week, in order to facilitate regular recitation with
ease. This compilation was part of the ma‘mulat
(prescribed practices) of the great luminary in
the field of tazkiyah and ihsan, Shaykh-al-Hadith
Hadrat Mawlana Muhammad Zakariyya.

I request and urge all my brothers and sisters to include this compilation in their daily practices and read it with regularity. lnsha'allah, they will reap unimaginable benefits in both worlds, as any practice carried out with continuity, however small, is very much beloved to the Creator.

How Often Should You Read the Abridged Al-Hizb Al-A‘zam (????? ????? ??????)?
1. If possible, read the complete book daily.
2. If not, read one part daily.
3. During auspicious nights and days and blessed places, e.g. ‘Arafat, Laylat-ul-Qadr, etc. try to read the complete book.

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