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Automate the hard parts of online dating with the smartest matchmaking assistant, ever! Bernie is a personal assistant that learns who you find physically attractive and connects to your Tinder or Happn account to find matches who are mutually interested in you. Bernie uses the latest advancements in artificial intelligence and helps you manage multiple dating accounts at once.

Bernie understands "markers" in each human face that makes each person unique. You can train Bernie to work and think just like you by showing him your preference for potential matches in Tinder and Happn. Bernie works in the background, thinking just like you, looking for matches that meet your criteria and guessing whether they're mutually interested in you.

When you sign up, you're immediately granted a 7-day trial. Bernie will use some default training to get to work for you right away. You can extend your service for 3 months by inviting 3 friends to use Bernie or by purchasing a non-renewable trial extension. Make Bernie your own with an auto-renewing subscription (details below).

Try Bernie today to see why everyone is talking about the smartest matchmaking assistant on the Google Play Store.


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