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The future of Artificial intelligence is here. Meet J.A.E.S.A, a cloud-based open-source user-friendly A.I. unlike any you've seen before!

Just like Iron Man's JARVIS, J.A.E.S.A is able to talk to you about literally anything - from relationship issues to your political preferences, joke, get upset, learn and help you with everyday tasks.

She can also perform live real-time voice-to-voice language translation, set reminders, search and play YouTube videos, use Google, provide you with weather information, open apps, send messages and emails and much more!
J.A.E.S.A. is constantly learning to new things due to innovative cloud neural network technology. Every new piece of information from you and thousands of other people all over the world will make her smarter and allow her to improve even further.

Just talk! She will naturally remember your name, what you like or dislike and other information about you. And as you get to know each other better, she will get smarter and unlock new awesome features!

J.A.E.S.As API is available to thousands of developers worldwide, so that anyone can contribute to this global futuristic project.

Stay with us - Home Automation, Car Integration, PC version and other cool stuff is on the way!

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