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iTimePunch is a virtual time card and paycheck tracker that helps you track work hours of your employees, and aids in employee scheduling and timesheet tracking. Hourly employees are easy to manage thanks to our comprehensive paycheck calculator, hourly work cards, and work schedule calendar.

Employees clock in and out of work using the simple interface, and iTimePunch takes care of the rest. Employees can clock in/out themselves from their mobile devices. GPS location tracking shows you the exact location of each employee clock in and out event, so youíll always have peace of mind.

Back up your punch clock data with NEW Cloud Backup storage! Track and calculate hours, mileage travelled for work, expenses, vacation hours and sick hours, comp time, cash advances and lunch breaks, and rest secure knowing your data is safe in the cloud.

iTimePunch Features:
Time Calculator
Calculate employee scheduling and paycheck information by simply clocking in and out
iTimePunchís timesheet calculator automatically provides pay owed based on the hours you enter

Track Hours Remotely via GPS
Track each punch in and punch out of your employees remotely via GPS tracking
Check each clock in/out on an easy-to-read map
GPS checks are made every 30 minutes for accurate, up-to-date reporting
Block employees from editing their time sheet data remotely with the press of a button

Hourly Wage Calculator
Input schedules and let iTimePunch do the work. Calculate hours and pay for all hourly employees

Track Mileage and Pay Per Mile
Employee time tracking is just the start. iTimePunch has options for any unique situation your work environment might demand
Track and calculate the mileage and per mile rate for employees who need transportation reimbursement

Calculate hours for Sick Time, Overtime and Vacation Time
Track employee sick days
Track hours for overtime money owed to employees
Track hours for employee vacation hours owed and used
Track and manage compensatory time owed to each of your employees

Auto Punch Out For Lunch Breaks
Calculate hours for lunch breaks automatically
Employees clock in and out instantly

Email Work Shifts Calendar and Reports
Work time tracker makes running reports easy. Simply use the premade work schedule calendar to collect all pay and time information for the period
Email work time spreadsheets as .csv files directly from your device

Save Data With Cloud Backup
Cloud backup technology secures your employee data

If you have hourly employees, the iTimePunch employee time clock, attendance tracker and paycheck calculator is your solution.

Download iTimePunch wage tracker and punch clock, and take control of your workplace today!

**New feature: iTimePunch now has a backup feature that automatically backs up your device time punch data to our cloud service. Restore your backed up cloud data to your device easily within the app (Device backup can only be restored to like devices. Cross platform backup restore and restoration to other manufacturers is not supported at this time).

We will do our very best to backup your iTimePunch data. However, there are a few things you should know. Your internet connection must be working on the device for backup to function. We will not be liable in any way for your data. Data backup is always your responsibility solely. This backup service is provided ìas isî, without any implied warranty to the user. You accept these terms by purchasing and downloading our app, iTimePunch.

Please see our full terms and conditions:

Please note, continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Please note, the map described above is not a live map. The ìBossî must have the employees email a timesheet to view GPS locations on this map.

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