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12-D android application is a biblical yet entertaining and informative project. This application will help children be familiar with twelve disciples of Jesus Christ.

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The 12-D application has four sections:

•Characters’ Story – By clicking this section, icons of 12 disciples will be shown. When the user clicked an icon, the disciple’s name will appear. User then has the option whether to view the profile of the disciple that has been selected or click the blue arrow. Blue arrow when clicked, will ask the user to choose between “Read it to me” or “Read it myself”. If the user clicked “Read it to me” button, the story of the disciple will be narrated, while if “Read it myself” has been selected, user may read the story. On the other hand, profile button shows the basic information of 12 disciples.
•Language – The user can choose the desired language to use
•Games section – There are five games in this section: Memory Game, Shadow Guessing, Jigsaw Puzzle, Color It, and Crossword Puzzle.
•Song List – User may listen to five Tagalog and five English songs. User have to set first whether it’s English or Tagalog by clicking the Language Section.

Developed by:
Katherine Anne E. Orence
Zandra H. Ricablanca
Sharmaine C. Lacson
College of Science and Computer Studies, De La Salle University - Dasmariñas

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