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68 Seconds to Manifestation is a tool for Law of Attraction meditation. It is loosely based on a concept in Esther and Jerry Hicks' Abraham material. It is a meditation clock with 4 segments of 17 seconds, or 68 seconds total.

The principle is that 68 seconds is the period of time required for a focused thought to reach manifestation potential. In other words the thought will actualize as an experience or idea coming to you in your near future. A build up to 68 seconds occurs in 4 segments of 17 seconds with each raising the intensity of focus to a new level.


+ The clock continually revolves around in a 68 second cycle (divided into four 17 second segments).
+ You can Start and Stop the clock.
+ Soothing bell audio tones chime for each 17 second segment and a deeper one to mark 68 seconds.
+ An option to mute the audio tones so you can listen to your own audio in the background.
+ A meditation timer mini-guide with helpful advice.
+ 2 visual guides are now included: A Visual Guide to the Law of Attraction and The Emotional Guidance Spectrum.

Your purchase helps support the development of this app to add more features and enhancements in future free updates. It also helps support the development of upcoming apps with similar themes and is much appreciated. Please send your feedback or any requests you might have.

This app is in no way affiliated with Abraham-Hicks but it is strongly recommended that you check them out as she will describe the ideas behind this meditation process.

+ Please note this App is designed to run on a newer tablet with decent graphics speed. You can always try it and see how well it runs on your device as the Play Store allows refunds within 15 minutes. The timer app will function well on a phone but the limited screen size might make the included guides difficult to view.

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