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AbairLeatOIDE - Teanglann ar líne.

Learning to speak Gaeilge with confidence is all about practice - nothing else.

AbairLeat OIDE is being developed on a voluntary basis by Coláiste Lurgan and it’s aim is to support irish language learners before - during and after their cúrsa Gaeilge finishes.

OIDE focuses exclusively on spoken Gaeilge as used in everyday interaction and gets learners speaking relevant, practical Irish language dialogue from the get-go.
It sets out to help learners practice conversational Gaeilge while paying special attention to the main difficulties English speaking learners have with the major differences between the English language and Gaeilge.

OIDE is a cross platform app and can be accessed on all Apple, Android devices as well as PCs and Macs. This means that signed up members can access their own OIDE accounts from all tablets, smart phones as well as all desktops.

Working Towards Good Pronunciation:
The first step towards good pronunciation is to pay close attention to the sounds of the language.
Listening intently, repeating aloud and then critically comparing their own recording to native speaker audios is a high level engagement task with huge benefits for language learners.
The goal is to mimic as closely as possible the native speaker audio.
These listen / repeat / compare tasks should not be rushed and ideally should be subsequently revisited.

The play/ record/ playback process means that learners can listen to native pronunciation as many times as is needed to internalise the sounds and practice as many times as is necessary to hone pronunciation skills.

Working on pronunciation skills is a gradual and incremental process but the rewards for language learners are substantial. You will gradually find even the hardest words and phrases tripping of your tongue. It’s all about practice.

Joining An Online Class
OIDE allowa members to join an online class where they can receive feedback on their recorded work from their class teacher / manager.
There is no charge for classes to signup to AbairLeat!

Online classes are easy to create and simple to join.

Step1: An Irish language teacher applies to AbairLeat! to have his/her class represented on the available classes list.
Step2: Members of the class go online, locate their class on the “Available classes list” and request admission.
Step3: The class manager accepts request.

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