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1: Aikido Techniques

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1 :Aikido Techniques
Aikido, the way of harmony, is a beautiful martial art to watch. When demonstrated by expert practitioners the movements are fluid, graceful and apparently effortless. The video clips presented here have been carefully created to demonstrate these characteristics for a number of commonly practised Aikido techniques. The unique sketched format of the clips was deliberately chosen to emphasize the techniques rather than the demonstrators.

It is said that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. If that is true then it is probably also true that a video is worth a thousand pictures. Here you have words, pictures and videos: the best of all worlds. The unique format of this product, the combination of text, images and controllable video clips, was designed to provide the optimum medium for appreciating and understanding the performance of a range of Aikido techniques.

For each technique there are two video clips showing two different attacking directions, a complete description of the technique including key points, and a number of still images to supplement and clarify the text descriptions. You can swap between text and video with a single tap/click and you can also swap between the two video clips, which have been carefully synchronised.

The Aikido techniques demonstrated are:
Technique (Attack)
--------- --------
Ikkyo (Ai hanmi katate dori)
Nikyo (Gyaku hanmi kata dori)
Sankyo (Chudan tsuki)
Yonkyo (Morote dori)
Gokyo (Yokomen uchi)
Irimi nage (Shomen uchi)
Shiho nage (Yokomen uchi)
Kote gaeshi (Chudan tsuki)
Sumi otoshi (Shomen uchi)
Tenchi nage (Ryote dori)
Kaiten nage (Jodan tsuki)
Koshi nage (Ai hanmi katate dori)
Katagatame (Gyaku hanmi katate dori)
Juji nage (Morote dori)
Ude garami nage (Katate dori)

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