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Annoy Toy - Most Annoying Chalk Board Mobile App FREE Version for Nexus 7 and other tablets.

Have you just wanted to amuse yourself when you are board?

How would you like torture others in the most annoying way possible?

Introducing the most Annoying Chalk Board Application FREE Version, that puts the power of Annoying anyone in the Palm of your hand.

What is Annoy Toy Chalkboard?

This hilarious yet powerful app is loaded with 4 of the most annoying sounds known to man or woman.

How it works...

You choose one of 4 buttons:

(1) Nails Against Chalkboard
(2) The Mosquito - Silent powerfully ear shattering sonic sound.
(3) Teeth Grinder - They will not be able to ignore it.
(4) Balloon Bomb - Sound will make there hair stand up.

Once you have chosen your sound weapon of choice, you are armed and ready to fire. (:

Slide your finger across the screen to torture unexpected target...

App is also loaded with dozens of tips, making you the most Annoying Person ever.


NEW UPDATE: We have included new funny sound board to the Annoy Toy Buttons and also have added Cockroach Squish… Oh the laughs….

So what are you waiting for?

Get it now before someone else gets it and annoys you with it...

Designed for Nexus 7 and other tablets.

Quick Stats

4 years

since last update

2 years

since last review