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Are you good with words? Try Backwords!
This new game allows you to train your mental flexibilty by playing a little game that you already played a lot as a kid: spelling a word backwards.
The rules are simple: look carefully at the word displayed for a brief moment, and then recompose it - but backwards!
Careful though: every error makes the time run faster, and you only have three chances!

Try this addictive new game, and see for yourself how hard a supposedly easy task can be.

Play it normally (three errors but no game over if you don't complete a word - just a lower score) or in survival mode (three errors but careful! if you don't complete the word, the game is over!), both available in four different difficulty levels:

- easy: short words;
- medium: slightly longer words;
- hard: only long words;
- mixed: completely random! For advanced backworders.

Please send me any suggestions/improvements/comments that you may have!

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