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We redesigned the whole app!

You need to act fast and think under pressure for the best possible bug to clone, and be careful! Every miss creates a black hole where your bugs will be falling into :/

-First click on a bug opens her Wings and Creates a new bug in an egg. New bug is going to born after 1 second.

-Second click on a bug with wings; lets that bug fly away!

-If you miss to tap on bug, that makes a black hole and if bugs move there they fall into it.

Your goal is to create 20 LIVE bugs; if you can make it, share your score and bet your friends. Surely they can't make it easily!

Good luck!!

Our game is optimized for both Children by +3 years old and Adults at any age. The game does not require any privacy invading permission.

We know many many other Android apps are just trying to get more information about users, We Don't, We are never interested in user data. We are just few students also complaining about greedy apps on the market.

Our game is Family Friendly, we never collect user data, our game does not use any network.

We want to only deliver a perfect gaming experience for free. We only show basic google advertisements, we believe it does not disturb you. We apologize for any advertisement bothering you, as we are students working long hours to develop games for you we just need little bit income to fund ourselves. (For coffee and pasta).

We promise, we will always listen your feedback to improve our games. We are reading all the feedbacks, and looking forward to hear your comments!

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