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Welcome to Bottle Rocket!

Bottle Rocket is an addictive, arcade style game where you're in control of a fizz propelled bottle.

Simply pick your level, your bottle and your flavour and off you go! Dodge everything from beach balls to meteors as you aim for the sky.

All you have to do is tilt your device to avoid oncoming danger but as you play, your pressure bar drains so collect any energy cans you see to replenish your bar.

As you play, your points are turned into experience, get enough and you level up! Level ups reward you with new levels, new bottles and new flavours to choose from!

Each bottle you unlock has their own unique stats so if you like dodging, there's a bottle for you. If you like hitting everything, there's a bottle for you! And if you like a challenge, there's a bottle for you too!

Key features include:

* Loads of levels to unlock!
* Loads of bottles!
* Loads of flavours!
* Local highscore board!
* Achievements to unlock!
* Trophies to unlock!
* Addictive soundtrack!

Have fun and happy Bottle Rocketing!

Please note: This application requires Adobe Air to be installed.

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