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Has maths always been difficult to understand? Here’s a game that will make it easy for you and refresh your mood.
Brain Battle is a simple, very addictive and a challenging game inspired by the very famous 2048 game.
Brain Battle is an easy & fun to play game, but a challenge to fully master it
Brain Battle has many puzzles worth thousands of minutes to keep your brain challenged
It has 5 modes namely Classic, Smart, Expert, Bingo, Themed to keep you hooked to the game

How to play: (Watch video for more details)
Swipe or use keypad (up, down, left, right) to move number cells in that direction
Cells with same numbers will be added and merged to one cell
For each valid move, a new cell is created
Score points for each successful merge and
Combo points for multiple merges. Rack your brains to get high score and share with friends
Gain experience and coins for each game played and move forward to unlock challenging levels
Special and fun powers to help you achieve challenging targets

So use your brain to win this number battle!!!

- Most addictive 2048 Game version with various levels,modes and variations..
- Cool and simple graphics
- Endless challenge from one simple brain game
- Special and fun powers to help with those challenging levels
- High scores to share with friends
- Clear and simple UI
- Game works for android 2.3.* and above devices
- Supports all mobiles including all tablets

Thanks to Gabriele Cirulli for such amazing game idea!!!

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