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Indie rock band the BUSH BABIES, releases its debut album along an innovative music game application for the first single named SEA OF INFORMATION.

\\ i can’t take it anymore...
// What’s wrong?
\\ It’s too much! it’s all too much!
// Too much of what?
\\ Information to process, and it never ends! It never ends!
// You have no choice, you gotta keep swimming or you'll drown.
\\ I'm already drowning!!
// Keep swimming! In time you'll steer through the sea of information.
\\ Just take it one wave at a time...

-> Put your headphones and goggles on, you're going in for a swim!
-> Collect 10 or more GOOD items, you'll gain good karma and collect FREE songs download from our new album, at the end of the game.

In the rumbling sea of music streaming services, among the thousands of artists and songs which fill them up, it is a very challenging task for a new artist to stand out. The BUSH BABIES are trying to rise above the noise with this interactive game for their first single, named "SEA OF INFORMATION".

We hope you'll enjoy the song and the game, but most of all we hope you'll find your way through the murky waters of the sea of information...


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