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Car Shooter Race to Space is not your average game. If you like a challenge, join us in a new world while defying the out-of-this-world obstacles that come your way. From rocks to spaceships that want to take you down, it’s your job to shoot ‘em up to keep your race through space on track!

Car Shooter Race to Space is a similar concept to the classic 1982 game, Moon Patrol. We have made the future version, filled with a new universe to explore, search for power-ups to keep your power UP, and where YOU are the one calling the shots!

What are you waiting for? Set off your race to space!

- Amazing twilight graphics
- Killer soundtrack and sound effects produced by sound engineer
- Incredible Bonus; Power-ups
- Google Play Leader board
- Challenging and fun game play

***TaktiTech is all about you! We always want to hear what you have to say, and if there is something you love or hate, please review and let us know!***

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