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This program is designed to help you ATTRACT MONEY.

How much money?
That is up to you to decide.

Using the POWER of
Visual Subliminal Messages
Repetitive Positive Affirmations
Wise Positive Quotes
A Theta Brainwave Entrainment Isochronic Tone
set at 528 Hz
And The Law Of Attraction.

Start to reprogram your sub-conscious mind now to start attracting more money.

This is a mind movie to help you get your thoughts on having more money, no matter where you are.

For maximum effect watch daily at least twice. Preferably right after waking and specially before sleeping. While watching and listening, think of all the money you want. Imagine yourself already possessing this money.
Believe and know you already have it. If possible hold some money in your hands, feel and smell the money.
Get your senses involved in your creative process. If you do this you will start to see things happen.

We are POWERFUL beings. We can attract anything we want, good or bad. So pay attention to your thoughts and guide them to attract what you truly want. You attract what you think about the most.

FOCUS on what you want, MORE MONEY.


Thank You.

I will be updating this movie periodically with extra new images.

Warning: Images flash on screen. Not recommended if you have Photosensitive Epilepsy or if you have seizures. Do not use while driving.

For more resources look up…

Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill (Great Book)

As A Man Thinketh by James Allen (Great Book)

The Secret (Movie)

What The Bleep Do We Know, Down The Rabbit Hole (Movie)

Bob Proctor

Earl Nightingale

Dr. Wayne Dyer

William Walker Atkinson


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