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ChangeLog v1.0.4:

-changed the icon to a better image quality, with transparency intact
-stopped the basket from moving after the game ends
-stopped the pause button from working after the game ends
-added the highscore function, saving highscores and diplaying them on the home screen
-ungraded AIR platform from 3.2 to AIR 3.8, to increase device compatability
-lowered the 'catch' point on the screen by 10, allowing more time to "Catch the Duck"
-removed 'coming soon' label from home screen
-added a splash screen that displays the highscore
Working on icon and framerate issues at the moment. Ducks will fall rather slowly at this time; should have the new version up by 3/20/14 //FIXED 3/17/204

Working on Moto X crashes FIXED 3/19/14
Simple little flash game I made over spring break!

Framerate is currently at 60FPS, but I might change it if certain devices have issues.

***ALL ART IS TEMPORARY*** //new artwork on the way!
-everything will be made to look nicer when I have the time (and learn how to draw a decent duck)

***RATE BUTTON WORKS AS OF 3/17/2014***

Thanks for playing! I will add updates to this game soon enough, with GameCenter integration

How to Play:

use a finger to drag the basket and catch as many ducks as you can!
game ends if you drop one!

Quick Stats

4 years

since last update

3 years

since last review