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Chakra Balance Flashlight Lantern - Mobile App

Introducing the Chakra Balance Flashlight for Android Phones and Tablets that helps provides the light of the Chakras to brighten your path.
Wouldn't it be great to have a flashlight available any time you need it and always at your finger tips?

Wouldn't it also be great to use a light that not only provides the light you need but also used to balance your Chakras?

The Chakra Balance flashlight is the last light you will ever need for:

**Finding your keys
**Seeing you way around at night
**Looking in closets
**Looking under the bed
**As A Mood Light
**For Meditating
**Balance Chakras

It has been said that wearing a specific color of Chakras can help balance and get your Chakras aligned. Whether it be a piece of jewelry, clothing or a flashlight on your mobile phone, using the light of the Chakras to light your way can help balance your life.

Simply touch the Chakra you would like to use as your Light source and let it illuminate your way.

Use it anytime you need a little light to shine for any reason and discover what only The Chakra Flashlight can do for you.

We have also included easy access to Facebook and Twitter so you can spread the word about the power of the Chakras.

You may be thinking, what does this beautiful app cost?

It is 100% FREE!!!

Act Now while this great app remains FREE...


App has been tested on the latest version of Android with no problems to report.


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