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Hello Girls! Cinderella is going to have a baby, and she’s going to need your assistance. Join her on her journey through pregnancy with lots of love and care and welcome the birth of the cutest newborn baby princess ever!

Being a mommy is a lot of work, but it can be a lot of fun, too!. During pregnancy pamper mommy with delicious and healthy snacks, spa treatment, hair style, and many more ! you can even prepare for her a delicious custom made ice cream. After that take her to the clinic and help her get checked up - check her vital signs, give her medicine, and find out if the baby it’s a baby boy or a baby girl.
Treat the newborn baby like a princess she is taking care of her every need. Give her relaxing baths with magical dust and herbs, make sure she eats her food and have her doll beside. When the little baby princess needs to sleep play the music box and the fairies will be there to wish sweet dreams.
Surprise! You can also become a skilled designer. Spoil the precious newborn baby by custom design her stroller, you have infinite combinations of shapes decorations and magical landscapes.

- Change, feed, bathe and take to sleep the adorable newborn baby princess!
- Care for mommy Cinderella! Give her home and medical care!
- Prepare custom flavored ice cream!
- Use the ultrasound tool to give mommy Cinderella an ultrasound.
- Make a custom design for baby stroller!

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