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CleanHouse: Kowloon Lite is a the demo of the brand new fast-paced word game that keeps you guessing as you try to identify the concealed word hidden beneath the Clean House Card Deck. While playing this mind stimulating word game, you will be tasked with discovering the secrets hidden behind the doors of the Kowloon Apartment complex.

*This is not the Full version of CleanHouse: Kowloon. It is the demo version*


If you are interested in getting the Full Version Please visit the link below:

The Full version CleanHouse: Kowloon contains:

-Over 900 Words to be found and uncovered
- 10 intriguing and gripping untold stories
- 50+ achievements to be accomplished
- 5 different abilities to be upgrades as you reach advance in levels

25% of all revenue made from your purchase of CleanHouse: Kowloon goes directly to the Hope World Wide Global Aids initiative that supports over 90,000 orphans who live in Africa! If you are not interested in purchasing this game please consider donating to Hope World Wide's cause. Visit Here to get more Info:

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