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A usual day in space: Survive the attack of asteroids, killer asteroids and other typical space dangers.

Play with friends simultaneously on the same device (best on phablets and tablets) in coop or play alone.

Command your three mighty turrets - possibly at the same time with multiple fingers:
- Use the high frequency shooting cannon to handle individual enemies with high accuracy
- The laser can burn through multiple enemies over time and is super fun to trigger
- Blast clusters of enemies into tiny pieces with the powerful rocket launcher

Take care not to be hit, otherwise nauseous experiences can be the case. When repeated, vacuum exposure can't be avoided.

The game was originally created at the 47 hour game jam at InnoGames in Hamburg on the 30th of March 2014. We've been improving the game since then little by little.

If you have ideas, suggestions, feedback, complaints - you can share your view in the Astroroids Game Community on Google Plus:

Or follow the Google Plus streams of the developers:

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