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** We thank all our players for the feedbacks they've sent (by comments and by in-game feedback option) **

Euchre is a plain-trick game with trump for four players in fixed partnerships, partners sitting opposite.
In Euchre game, each player gets 5 cards and one card from deck is turned up.

Euchre card game features:
✔ single player free card game
✔ cross platform multiplayer card game (available for Android and iOS)
✔ change background color, speed, sound, nickname
✔ change difficulty, target score, stick the dealer rule
✔ option to continue game when you reopen the app
✔ stats
✔ chat (in multiplayer mode)
✔ Google Play Game Services - Leaderboards and Achievements
✔ Facebook and Google login (show profile picture when playing)

How to play:

***Round 1 - choosing trump - turn up card
In Euchre, players have the option to choose the turn-up card's suit as trump, to pass turn or to choose the trump and play alone against the opposite team. If all players pass the turn, the "naming trump" round begins and turn up card will be faced down.

***Round 2 - naming trump
In round 2, players have the option to name a suit (other than turn-up card's suit), to pass turn or to name a suit and play alone agains other team. If stick the dealer rule is on, the dealer (last one to make a choice) will be forced to name a trump in the round 2, else, if it's set to off, then dealer button moves to next players and cards will be reshuffled.

***Cards ranking for Euchre:
1. Jack of trump suit- Right bower
2. Jack of the suit of the same color as the trump suit
3. Ace of trump suit to 9 of trump suit
4. Non trump suit Ace to 9

REMEMBER: In Euchre, left bower is loaned to the trump suit so it will no longer belong to its original suit.

Scoring for Euchre:

Bidding partnership (makers) wins 3 or 4 --- 1 point
Bidding partnership (makers) wins 5 --- 2 points
Bidder goes alone and wins 3 or 4 --- 1 points
Bidder goes alone and wins 5 --- 4 points
Defenders win 3 or more --- 2 points

Euchre is a must play game for card game lovers.

We want to improve this game, please send us your ideas and suggestions for a better game.
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