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As the Blob War rages, Spectre manages to reach the Neon Tower seeking for a way to learn the ability to fly, a secret lost long ago inside the dangerous and evil place.

There was, however, a spell protecting the tower from intruders and as soon as he reached it, lava started rising and flooding the place from beneath the ground.

Your mission is to guide Spectre in his quest to get out of the Neon Tower alive and learn how to fly, becoming one of the most powerful Blobs in existence. But in your way, you will have to face obstacles casted with evil spells that will try their best to make you fall in the lava pit.


- SIMPLE GAMEPLAY! Press the left side of the screen to move Spectre to the left and the right side to move right!

- ITEM LEVELS! Items spawn randomly, and the variety of items and their rarity level will make each attempt to save Spectre unique, every time you play will be a new one!

- RANDOM PLATFORMS! Not only items spawn randomly, but also your obstacles! Master the art of jumping and they will be no problem for you!

- TRAINING! So you're always dying when facing that same platform? Open the Training and become an expert in any kind of obstacle!

- SURVIVAL MODE! So you managed to beat the game? Don't worry, impress your friends by scoring an amazing record in the infinite Survival Mode!

- UPGRADES! Collect money by playing and spend it on items! Upgrading your items will increase the chances of rare item levels spawning in the tower.

- CHANCE TIME! Have more than 1000 coins when starting a game? Test your luck and you might start with an extra power-up!

Jump Escape is brought to you by Kraken Entertainment.

We're two indie developers with two objectives:
- Entertain you with good games
- Help the Blobs in every way possible (but we need your help for this)

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