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Raiders took my dog

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War... War never changes.

Do you like dynamic games and post apocalypse setting like Fallout?

Fresh mix of shooter, bullet-hell and defense mechanics.
A lot of upgrades, bonuses, power-ups and special-strikes in dynamic and impressive combats with lots of raiders and bosses in Fallout-like wastelands.

Destroy raiders and upgrade your weapons to find your pet friend.
Find your own strategy to defeat the bosses in your way with a powerful weapon.
Collect money and bonuses. Earn new achievements.

Do you like Fallout, Borderlands, STALKER, Wastelands, ????, pets, dogs, bullet-hell, RPG, upgrades, epic bosses, post apocalypse? Then you enjoy the game "Raiders took my dog"

"Raiders took my dog" ?ontains references and easter eggs - Fallout, Borderlands, Far Cry, STALKER, Wastelands, Skyrim, Metal Gear, Dark souls, etc.

The new version adds new raiders have more fun, and drive improvements.

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