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Join Skully in his macabre adventures beyond the grave!
Bored with his eternal rest, Skully decides to venture out
and see the world he once left behind.

However strange forces are at play, forever changing and altering
the shape of the land in an attempt to put an end to his journey.
Help skully navigate the land and see the world once again.

In Skulled the aim of the game is to see how far you can get in the world before getting Skulled!

Jump across and through platforms to avoid obstacles and enemies, whilst collecting coins and golden skulls.

While you will be rewarded for travelling as far as you can, maxing out your points will require you to collect as many coins, golden skulls and "Skulling" as many enemies (pinky) as possible during your adventure.

But beware!, everything in skulled is random (literally everything!), so be careful when to make your next jump or when to "skull" your enemies as mistiming a jump or a fall will inevitably get you Skulled!

Deceptively simple yet crushingly punishing for your every mistake, how far can you make it before you invevitably meet your maker? (for a second time...)

so what are you waiting for? go get yourself completely and utterly Skulled!


- Completely FREE! no in-app purchases!
- HD graphics, animations and particle effects!
- Random Level generation, random encounters, heck, even random flower colours!!!
- 5 Levels of difficulty ensure you'll always get Skulled!


- Skulled includes some cartoon blood effects. These effects are purely for comedic purposes and do not try to emulate or portray violence/gore in a realistic manner. Thanks for your understanding!

- Skulled contains banner adverts.


Q: Skulled is a little slow when I play it, how can I make it run better?

A: Skulled has been heavily optimised but, try running through this short list to make sure you get the best performance possible from

-- Is your devices internet connnection slow/weak and/or fluctuates in strength? If so, this can cause Skulled's performance to vary
since it needs as much attention from both your devices CPU/GPU as possible.
In some cases a slow and fluctuating internet connection can degrade Skulled's performance dramatically.

If you find that your devices internet connection fluctuates and is slow/weak then it is STRONGLY advised to it turn off prior to playing Skulled. This will enable Skulled to utilize as much CPU/GPU time as possible, making for a smoother experience.

-- Try not to have applications run in the background or downloading content such as updates etc, while playing Skulled.

-- Make sure to turn the power saver feature "off" on your device. The power saver feature limits the CPU/GPU capabilities along with other features to limit power draw from your devices battery. However you can still play Skulled with it on if you wish.

Q: I get a white screen with a "Context 3d error" displayed, what does this mean?

A: This error occurs when Skulled can't detect your devices CPU/GPU configuration.Has your device been "routed"?, if so then this is more than likely the cause of the error.

Q: Skulled looks a little strange on my device, the layout doesn't look right...

A: Skulled was designed in a 16:9 and 16:10 aspect ratio and is screen resolution independent. However, if your devices Aspect ratio isnt't quite 16:9 or 16:10 then Skulled will attempt to fit itself into your devices screen space while maintaining its own ratio's to keep the gameplay experience as similar as possible for every device. This will inevitably result in layouts differing slightly on a per device basis. However this shouldn't affect your gameplay experience.

Q: If I delete Skulled and then re-download it at a later date, will I still have my highscores?

A: Unfortunately no, currently Skulled saves highscores directly inside the app, however this will probably change in the future.

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