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Slide the Canvas is a puzzle game that fully uses the touch screen interface. With a simple slide you move knots to shape models.

Starting with easy shapes, the game rapidly becomes complex, due to the different colors, overlaps and intersections of threads.

The uniqueness of this game resides in its weft. It recalls geometry and the spatial representations drawn on grids taught in elementary school. The educative side is therefore visible in the numbers, alphabet and geometry levels.

Above all, Slide the Canvas is funny and addictive because it uses the principle of rope and elastic rubber band to replicate images from your childhood.


Because of a curse, the canvas of the young Clotho has been untied. You will then have to help her getting all the threads back together in order to enter the Olympus. Move each knot and replicate the displayed model as fast as you can.

It may seem simple at first, but the game becomes more difficult with the linked knots, the colors and overlaps of threads. Face the challenge through the 141 timed screens

Designed for all ages, for solo or family gaming, with a one-handed, two-handed or more gameplay, this game will send you back into your childhood, when you played with a simple rubber elastic band ! Funny, original and educative, Slide the Canvas is an addictive puzzle-game to try.

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Main features :

• Game created and designd for touch screen interface Samsung Galaxy Tab.
• Original Manga-style drawings
• 141 models, 8 levels
• Educative levels: numbers, alphabet, geometry
• Funny levels: objects, animals and videogames
• Left-hande/Right-Handed
• French & English versions
• Adventure mode to collect the 141 golden medals of the game
• Challenge mode with multiple features
• DIY mode: sandbox

Conception: Yann Harlaut
Programming: Sylvain Harlaut
Level design: Laëtitia Courtois
Orginal music: Hicham Chahidi
Game designed with: Starling Framework

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