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Looks very good on tablets and phones (amoled, super amoled)

New infinity Tower Defense game. Special HD graphics, stunning effects and sound. Explore unique levels, defend from enemy armies, using 4 unique towers with seven upgrade levels. Use the level features for an effective defense against enemy armies: send enemies on mines or on slowdown fields, change their path to money points or make them use teleports... Enjoy by hight quality graphics and sound. Three difficulty levels for beginners and professionals.

- Tower Defense style strategy on hex-based maps.
- Stunning HD graphics, explosive effects and nice sound.
- Unique levels: intricate mazes, teleporters, mines, slowers, and much more.
- 30 different maps.
- 4 defense towers with 7 upgrade levels: laser towers, rocket towers, etc...
- 16 types of attacking units.
- Auto-save game, you can always continue the game without starting level again.
- Three levels of difficulty.

This application requires Adobe Air

If you have an old device, get the free version and make sure it works on your phone before downloading this application.

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