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astrofishies is a simple real time strategy game that is easy to play, yet hard to master. The goal of your fishies is to defeat their archnemesis: the Badfishies. As god of the Goodfishies, you help them by altering the environment around them.

Each fish is fully controlled by a simple AI; which combines a basic state machine, and a rudimentary neural network. The original idea was to mimic how bacteria replicate and survive (under stupid guise of giant fish in space)...but ended up evolving into some kind of RTS.

At first you had almost no control over what they did, it was all up to them. Later I added the ability to influence the environment in localized areas (attract your fishies to a location, slow down the simulation in an area, speed up the simulation in an area, and create a "shield" around an area); Then due to popular demand (people who I let play it), I added the ability to select all fishies of a specific type and order them to attack a single enemy. Which I felt was sufficient for a simple RTS on a touchscreen device with limited screen have to dumb it down. I always grouped like units together anyway.

Have fun and thanks for playing!

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