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In Cute Animal Life your kids can explore the most interesting places and have fun with lovely animal sounds.

The many cute animals on the farm simply can't wait to make their typical sounds or entertain your little kids with funny moves. Dog, cow, sheep, cat, bunny and other buddies look forward to your stay.

But the world under the sea provides many opportunities for discovery, too. The life of the cute Animals surely never gets boring here! What may the clownfish or the hammerhead shark have to tell? Clam, octopus, and crab are eagerly awaiting you, too!

The free version of Cute Animal Life contain two complete Worlds full of friendly animals. These two will always remain free!
I hope your kids will have a great time with them and their typical sounds in these locations:
1. The Farm
2. The Ocean

There are three whole worlds to explore which aren't in the free version. For a small fee, you can enable your kids to explore them all! The deep jungle, the hot desert, and the world right inside your homes are full of cute little beings who can't wait to meet your kids. All in all there are three dozen animals in the full version, plus some other secrets and things. Can you discover them all?
If you buy the full version, you get these three new scenes:
3. The Jungle
4. The Desert
5. Back at Home

Our explorers are already on their way to discover new worlds which then will be added to the app. Future content updates planned! :)

If you can think of ways to improve the app, encounter any problems, or just want to tell me about this your experience with this app, feel free to contact me per email or over at Twitter. Please also consider rating my app, that would be very much appreciated. :)

It is my hope that you and your kids will have fun with the cheerful world of Cute Animal Life!

Take care,
Biondoo Games

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