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Great Conquest is one of the best strategy game to capture the castle.
You will have to find the stolen scroll.
Not all of you will come to finish, it is a serious challenge for true lovers of such kind of genre.
So capture, build, upgrade and win.
5 amusing animated screensavers.
6 types of buildings.
1) Castle - The main building for troop's training.
2) Village - will bring you money for further improvements of your buildings.
3) City - will increase as troops so money.
4) Outpost - will stop the attack of the enemy's army.
5) Griffin's lair - will bring fear on the enemies.
6) Magic tower - magic power will help you to win.

6 unique buildings.
You can construct any building on the empty place.
24 achievements.
25 levels for the battle.

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7 months

since last update