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★★★★★ CAPITULUM ★★★★★

Capitulum is a match-4 puzzle game. The goal is to blow up the small heads by matching at least 4 of the same colour. To earn more points, set them up wisely to create chain reactions.

Capitulum offers a solo mode with 3 specific rankings:
- Normal mode: the main ranking of the game.
- Capitulum Challenge: Complete the hardest challenge and rank among the very best players.
- Time Attack: Reach the highest score that you can in 3 minutes. That simple?!? Not so sure!

★★★★★ Gotta make a living ;) ★★★★★
Capitulum is a free-to-play game, and certainly not a "pay-to-win"!!! You can however support the game by purchasing
- the no-ad and landscape modes.
- Multicoloured Capitulum.
Your support will enable several additions to the music and graphics, and maybe even make the creator a rich man!

★★★★★ What Next? ★★★★★
The next updates will add a versus-CPU mode.

PS: Capitulum is a game developed by an amateur, so be charitable when rating me; that said I will accept high marks gratefully ^^

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/capitulum.thegame

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